Friday, 13 February 2009

Missing the Bränn

This is old, but I just wanted to share something.
Reminiscing the Arctic Design Monkeys.

This is Brännboll, a brilliant alternative to rounders.
I was lucky enough to play with some great people.

I miss the people I met in Umeå. Wherever you are,
I hope that you're all living your dreams :)
Tack alla!


Ipsky said...

hey hey... hows it going? design monkeys have gone arctic indeed... whole lot of snow out here. hows it in wales? can't seem to find your email id, so could you forward it to me? hope alls fine with you. best... rohan

Eif said...

Sorry lost touch, I stupidly use Facebook too much. or you could be the first and use my snazzy new mac email - (should I type this here? ah who cares)
I'm doing ok thanks, no much nearer getting even a chance at applying for masters, but I'll find some way of visiting there again. Our short chance to get snow brings back great memories of Ume.
How's the course? You must have some sick 3D skills by now :)