Friday, 9 October 2009

My own t-shirt shop!

I've been obsessed this week, I've finally found an outlet for some t-shirt ideas that have been lying around on my mac. The amazing thing is that all I need to do is upload a design and it only gets made when someone wants to buy - so they're specially made for you. The only shame is that it gets made in Germany, but that's not too far away and I guess I might find some European customers. I only have a few designs for far, but there will hopefully be more soon.
I'd love to hear your opinions of the designs - hopefully they'll appeal to someone in the future. Next step is to get some samples and take some model shops - never been interested in the 'fashion' industry but this could be fun!

P.s. It's a long story but I call my shop and website 'chwech' because it's an idea I've had for a business philosphy for sometime. Basically, chwech means six in Welsh. I hope to be creative/busy for 6 days a week and enjoy a great break for more important things on Saturdays.