Monday, 14 September 2009

Humbled by Project H

Seeing and reading about the drive and initiative of Emily Pilloton (Project H founder) has truly humbled me. I have yet to recieve a copy of her book, but I've been following her progress since her articles on Inhabitat. And now within a year Emily has founded an organisation that is the answer to all the worries I had while studying Industrial Design/Product Design. Basically taking the 'product' out of design. Read this wonderful article on the release of Emily's book 'Design Revolution' and see what I mean:
A Design Revolution Hits the Road.
All this at my age and within the last year! (While I've um.... done nothing. I must some how join the ranks of Project H designers!)

Humbling - Vimeo, animation, illustration...

While having trouble uploading an interview my brother edited to Youtube the other day, I re-found the wonderful Vimeo. I'd forgotten this is where quality video creativity on the net is shared.  One of the first videos I found was a recent animation graduates work. After seeing this video I had to visit her website, and I was stunned by her wonderful illustrations and paintings. I'm finally appreciating the amazing dedication and skill that such artists share. I'd almost forgotten as well, the fun illustration blog where there's regular updates of inspiration on all kinds of illustration.
Back to the animation, by Lois van Baarle (, the atmosphere is mesmerising, especially with the sound. Watch out for the whale!

Trichrome Blue from Lois van Baarle on Vimeo.

(Lois's portfolio site is genius, and thanks to her I've found a brilliantly simple flash tool to put on my own site (simpleviewer). Now if only I had some decent drawings to share, I'd be happy with work even half as good as hers. It's all so bright and and full of life!)