Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Free Hugs?!

Hugging still isn't natural to me, but seeing this guy hug strangers is somehow magical. These videos are 2 years old but this website has been set up since:
Simple acts like this really can make peoples days (just a bit annoying that only the people in the US can download the free song).

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Giraffes! - pointless but fun

This Norwegian guy (OneMillionGiraffes) is doing something completely pointless but it's really fun and creative so I decided to help out in a tiny way. I do have lots of other work to be doing but I don't follow reason well and just wanted to try it out... and by the way, I love bull clips!

Why don't you have some fun and join in the Giraffe challenge?

Monday, 17 August 2009

Parkour - freerunning

Hi, for some reason I thought I'd share some Parkour, instead of talking about the trip I've enjoyed over the last weeks (the Alps are stunning!).

The first Freerun championships were held in London last week, and amazingly I found this out from my mum! There was an interview with a freerunner on Radio 4's Today show which really shows that the interest is now everywhere.

Here's the video that David Belle made for the BBC in 2002. I think he's the founder of the 'sport', I hope that it won't ruin how poetic the idea of breaking free from the 'street' really is.

By the way, I think Jackie Chan was the first 'free runner' :)