Monday, 5 January 2009

"Good Punk"

Very late but... Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! 
(Happy new year)

The wedding was a great success and hopefully when all the photos are in I can show you some of the cool ideas my sis tried out to make the whole event personal and even more special.

Sadly (well only for me) the mini clip experiment was a no-go since they weren't needed in the end. Annoyingly the venue just taped the menus to their own table markers. Hopefully the idea will be of some use in the future.

I've not been up to much lately (apart from piggin' out on mince pies and other goodies) but I've tried to make a productive start to the new year. Starting with getting my room in order (no small task!). I've been sorting through 'work' going back years, and it's sometimes disheartening to see that some of my drawings as a teenager are better than today, but also fun to find old sketches for ideas that I never carried through. Anyways, until I dust away all the cobwebs and finally get to making new sketches I'll leave you with this 'comic'. It's a shame I didn't date it but I think I was 11 at the time, wow.. 15 years ago ('Larry the Punk' even then I was out of date!)

New years resolution: get work done and make this interesing! :)

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kassie05kassie said...

haha thanks to Larry the Punk :D
The wedding was a success! Ffion looked beautiful :) My fave part of the reception was the e-mail reading that Brett did. haha