Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sharing English with Serbians

And we're back.

We left on Sunday, August 8th to run a school of English at a small school in Novi Sad, Serbia.
When I say 'run', it was more like playing loads of games with some great students, all local to the beautiful Novi Sad (it really is a hidden gem - please visit if you have a chance, a highlight is wandering the streets in the evening where young and old share a great night out).
We'll post a video round up of our experiences soon but I just wanted to share these videos until then.
On the last evening of the school we did a little presentation of the UK & Wales (Linroy proudly represented the British Virgin Islands as well).
I did a little section on the Welsh language and couldn't resist sharing the infamous/famous LlanfairPG name as an example of 'everyday Welsh'. Rugby obviously got a mention and it was great to see the locals appreciate Gareth Edwards Baabaas try - even though they barely knew what the sport was before.
Before we gave out freshly baked Welsh cakes at the end of the presentation - we wanted to show them this classic Two Ronnies sketch on the 'easy' way to learn English:

Unfortunately, only a few students got it - we forgot how different the alphabet is prounced here (not to mention their Cyrillic!).
Luckily we didn't show this next clip - no one would have got it!

Thanks to everyone for making this trip awesome, we may go back next year (there's sure to be many better pics to share soon, these are just some of Eiddon's pics, too lazy to take my won).

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